… by being so focused on problems?

Have you heard this old saying, Holly?

“There are no problems, only opportunities.”

If you have been feeling down and stuck, a simple shift in your mindset can make it easier for you to get Un-Stuck and finally start getting results.


Change how you see your problems!

Instead of seeing your problem as a big, overwhelming, troublesome problem – see it as an opportunity.

A bright, new opportunity to…

– Learn what is NOT working so you STOP repeating it

– Learn more about YOU and begin to Take Control of your life.

– Get Real, Meaningful and Lasting Results!

Fact is, we spend too much time and energy focused only on problems which can only drag you down and leave you feeling hopeless and exhausted.

When you only think of what is wrong…

the flaws you perceive on your body

falling short when you compare yourself to others

your inability to stop eating sweets

how you skip your workouts

how you just can’t get motivated

how you just have no time


…you will only see problems and even WORSE fail to see opportunities and thus fail to consider and seek solutions…

…which only culminates into NO RESULTS!

You are not only missing out on getting results… you are missing out on LIVING your Life!

That’s not what signed up for, is it?

I surely hope not. So to help you turn things around, I want you to start by focusing on finding a solution.

This is something men are extremely good at…. especially my husband ; ) He is such a fantastic problem solver and because of that has helped me to avoid a lot of irrational emotional breakdowns and get refocused on what TRULY matters in life.


I picked up on some of his tips and how he is able to do so with such ease… ┬áso I would like to share them with you today!

How to Find a Solution:

1. Identify the root of the problem

Sure it is easy to say – “my belly fat is the problem”.

The productive approach, however, would be to identify how the “belly” came to be.

For then you can….

2. Think about how you can accomplish your goal… and in the process consider ALL possibilities.

If you want something to change, to be different:

– what must Happen?

– what actions can you take in order to achieve this positive change?

So in this example:

“my belly fat is the result of eating sweets each night after dinner”.

Clarify the change you desire — > ┬áLose the belly fat

Next, what are the possible actions you can take to get this desired result?

Yes, the obvious is to cut back the late night sweets – but is there anything else?

Maybe establish a more supportive bedtime routine, journal about any cravings you may be having, get more sleep, get rid of the sweets in the house, etc.

Make a nice long list of possible action taking steps and begin to seek out a solution… testing out each action you can take, one at a time and evaluating the effect.


Get in this habit and you’ll go from feeling like you have no control, you can’t do anything to gaining confidence and “can-do” attitude.

As you change your attitude and regularly start to look for solutions, you will begin to discover almost unlimited opportunities and in the process achieve some amazing results!

Give this strategy a try and be sure to check in with me to share how it is going!

Need help with finding a solution?