Yes, you can live the Life You Love.

I believe without a doubt that it’s possible and within your reach…

but there’s no reason why you have to do this alone.

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gold-quotes“I’ve learned so many things that enabled me to be proactive in my own well being, I now continue to truly grow. I have shifted my focus on progress in all areas of my life instead of just being fixated on a number on the scale.  Most of all I am amazed by how much my mindset has changed and how this has brought so much JOY to the process!!!!!  I can see myself through a different lens which has changed my life and welcomed me into the journey of beautiful PROGRESS, one that is not based on perfection but on perseverance.”

Bridget, FYM Member Since 2011

gold-quotesI am a happier healthier me! I am more present with my kids. A happier mom equals happier kids which equal a happier life for everyone! We are all less stressed and that’s a huge relief. I am seeing the scale move now because of it I think and honestly I am not stepping on that scale hardly at all anymore because I don’t care. It’s about how I feel and not what a number says to define me. Holly you helped me push forward! I had so many aha moments listening to the periscopes and what the other ladies had to say. The accountability to show up!”

Tanya Dechaine

gold-quotesI learned to measure my success by something that actually counts towards true change, not the scale.  This was huge for me.  Also, I am a program hopper due to not getting honest with myself.  Honestly, the common denominator is me.  There is no program out there that can fix what I won’t acknowledge.  The challenge has helped me see that and ultimately to quit looking elsewhere for a quick fix.  I have also truly appreciate the jedi mind tricks…LOL….so needed.  That’s where the real battle is anyway. Thank you for all of your hard work and your heart.  It is helping all of us more than you could even know.”

Chelsea Terwilliger
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