I’ve learned so many things that enabled me to be proactive in my own well being, I now continue to truly grow. I have shifted my focus on progress in all areas of my life instead of just being fixated on a number on the scale.

Most of all I am amazed by how much my mindset has changed and how this has brought so much JOY to the process!!!!!  I can see myself through a different lens which has changed my life and welcomed me into the journey of beautiful PROGRESS, one that is not based on perfection but on perseverance.

My favorite thing about you as a trainer and life coach is that you LEAD THE WAY through example.  You are a true inspiration, a hard-working- working MOM, who is genuine, transparent, joyful, passionate, genuine, kind-hearted and beautiful inside and out.  Thank you for not only what you do but WHO YOU ARE!

– Bridget Chojnacki, FYM since 2011


This was the best 6-week challenge I’ve had since becoming a mother. And now I feel like I can be the best me and the kind of mom I’ve always wanted to be!

My Before Status: I was looking for something to help organize my life and help me get happier and better. I felt overwhelmed and late and anxious. I felt tired and grumpy almost all the time. I spent the best of my energy and positivity on people outside of my house and my kids and husband got the frustration, crankiness. My to-do list always seemed endless. I felt I couldn’t shut off the planning, organizing, scheduling in my head. We were rushing out the door every morning on the verge of being late or forgetting things we needed to take with us. I had no energy leftover in the evenings because of the frantic day.

I wanted to stop getting through my days and start loving them.

I admit I was skeptical. I wanted to see physical change and was disappointed that I probably wouldn’t see any during this challenge because Holly wasn’t going to allow me to make that my focus, rather she wanted me to work on the aspects of my life that were holding me back. I decided to let Holly into my head and just do it. I’ll trust the process and see if it’ll help. That was the turning point.

The coaching process helped me clear the clutter to take the time and love and protection for myself because I am one of my priorities.

What was most surprising was discovering that I can be happy and my mind can be calm and that it’s really much easier than I was making it before. Once I saw it I began untying it and taking things out I didn’t need and now I can see how simple it can be to feel good and happy and peaceful.

– Beth Kern


I know I am better because I feel better. My mood has uplifted. I feel at peace. I feel less of the overwhelm and give myself much more grace and forgiveness, I have also put self-care as one of my priorities each day. My husband and mom and close friends have noticed my change as well.

I noticed this was different when I first came across Holly on Facebook and watched her video on Perfectionism. And I was hooked! I watched each new hack. And I caught up on Hack #1 too. I knew I had to do the 6-week challenge.

Before this, I was having weekly meltdowns. Praying all the time for peace. (I still do but I am much more happier) I felt I was getting anxiety and should get medicine for that. I felt trapped and stuck and overwhelmed with my responsibility of wearing so many hats…..woman, wife, mom, stepmom friend. Thank you, Holly!!!! I loved doing this challenge and love becoming the better person/version of myself!

– Elizabeth Henley


I am here because I took a chance on a periscope invite. I took a chance on me. My journey has just begun. Thank you for teaching me how to show up. You have changed my life for the better. You have helped me see the worth I bring into this world again when I was stuck in shadows trying to find a way out without a shred of light or hope. For this, I will always remember you and be thankful for you and what you do. Keep doing what you are doing. You have and will continue to change lives. I know this because you have changed mine forever. Thank you Holly.

– Always a believer, Tessa H


I am perfectly imperfect! That was my turning point when I began working with Holly. When the words perfectly imperfect rang true for me the weight of my world was lifted off of me and I had finally accepted everything that makes me, me.I was no longer focused on how I looked instead I became focused on my inner self. I can tell you that once I did this, I was less stressed and I was enjoying

The old me use to get upset when things didn’t go as I planned it out. Now,  I just roll it over to the next day. I use to disappear towards the last two weeks of a challenge, not this time-HAB CAT-WOO HOO!

The old me was hard as heck on myself, now, it’s more like okay, what can we do to make this better next time? The old me was not patient with myself, my journey and my progression. But the biggest one would have to be how I did not accept myself for who I was. Now, I Accept and Embrace ALL of my qualities!  Thanks for the wake-up call Holly!

– Iris Workman


I embarked on a journey to love myself more this year. To focus on the positive, to be more positive, to LOVE me. Holly’s morning routine came first and helped me get started and then take on the courage challenge. Honestly, it came to me at the exact time in my life that I needed it. I am here because I took the steps to be a better me, no one else but ME! I am helping me live my best life.

I am a happier healthier me! I am more present with my kids. A happier mom equals happier kids which equal a happier life for everyone! We are all less stressed and that’s a huge relief. I am seeing the scale move now because of it I think and honestly, I am not stepping on that scale hardly at all anymore because I don’t care. It’s about how I feel and not what a number says to define me.

Holly, you helped me push forward! I had so many aha moments listening to the periscopes and what the other ladies had to say. The accountability to show up!  

– Tanya Dechaine


Changing those aspects of yourself that you don’t like is never easy. But wouldn’t it be great to find a coach that really cares and has heaps of simple strategies that really work, as well as a bunch of ladies to support, befriend and have fun with getting through the good and the bad times?

I do.  That’s why I’ve stayed with the club, through the thick and thin (literally!) more than 7 years. We always have room for growth and improvement, and the club provides a beautiful space to do that.

Come and find out for yourself!

– Jane Wilson

gold-quotes-2I have followed you for a few years and just wanted to say that your approach is by far the best I have ever experienced. You seem to GET moms over the age of 30, keep our best interests in mind and always find a way to keep challenging us.  Your words of wisdom, vulnerability and truth in your periscopes and Facebook videos are blowing me away and helping me so much.  

I learned to measure my success by something that actually counts towards true change, not the scale.  This was huge for me.  Also, I am a program hopper due to not getting honest with myself.  Honestly, the common denominator is me.  There is no program out there that can fix what I won’t acknowledge.  The challenge has helped me see that and ultimately to quit looking elsewhere for a quick fix.  I have also truly appreciate the jedi mind tricks…LOL….so needed.  That’s where the real battle is anyway. Thank you for all of your hard work and your heart.  It is helping all of us more than you could even know.

– Chelsea Terwilliger xoxo


I just want to say thanks so much for your amazing program and all of your hard work in supporting all of us moms who want to look and feel better.  Everything that you say makes sense! It hits home and it just motivates me. Putting me back into focus has been the missing link. Each time I do I feel like I have more control over my life. I feel so much better about myself and have found a balance in my life. It’s a big deal!! Finally! I like my new confidence.  I’m really grateful that I found you and followed your program.

– Andrea Bergve


Initially, I started out with a physical goal … to drop that 2% fat I had gained during our holiday. Then without knowingly doing it my focus shifted onto a different direction…..On becoming a better version of Andie. I let go of perfectionism, learned to love myself with all my flaws and since my family likes me the way I am then why should I doubt it? During that time I had also had a wake-up call but from our own Holly. With her support, encouragement, positive energy, and smiles she kicked my butt and I was back to my taking better care of ME. Within a week my confidence went right up through the roof.

I swapped multi-tasking with single tasking. Now, things not only get done a lot faster and with no delays but I also have time to sit with my family and read books to the boys.

I learned to say No to what I don’t need or wanted, I am asking for help. I have stopped being a martyr. I have started planning again with the help of The Journey Journey. I am also continuing getting up as soon as the alarm goes off. Now there is no shouting in the mornings and everyone is more calm since mummy is more calm.

I have a lot more confidence, feel more assertive and I know what I want……well most of the time. I stopped feeling guilty and I take control of my setbacks as I don’t get upset when my day doesn’t go as planned….instead I go with the flow. And you know what it doesn’t matter because life happens!! There is no such thing as perfection.

2 years later I am in a lot better place. I am healthier, stronger, fitter, a better fighter.

I am continuous work in progress and I am Happy!!! Thank you, Holly!!

– Andie Moss


I typically tend to be an all or nothing type of person, all in, or all out.  The guidance to establish new life goals are slowly training me to see that I CAN succeed at something on a daily basis.  This is HUGE.  They are bite-sized enough that even though life has been hard and, yes, “busy,” I have been still able to do something for me in improving myself each and every day.  It has also helped train me to “just do it” and let go of my perfectionism a little bit.  This challenge experience is teaching me that any action is better than no action and that it doesn’t have to be hard.  It’s the whole concept of eating an elephant one bite at a time.  Love it! Thanks for being a part of the healing process and for encouraging being strong even when it’s hard:). I look forward to more growth and challenges in the future.

Thanks for all you do!

– Juventa Vezzani


It all started with Periscope. As I tuned in, I realized I really needed to do something more than what I had been doing, just getting by. Holly, I really love how “real” you are about everything. I took the plunge and joined in the next challenge…. as I did I not only realized that starting is always hard but I am that perfectionist that never gets anything done because it is hard or I made a mistake or screwed it up somehow. I made a decision that day. I no longer wanted to be that ‘downer’ instead I wanted to be a lifter of myself and others. I wanted to bring more joy into my life, my family’s life and those around me.

I quickly learned that you are more than just a trainer, I love that you are helping us to dig deep and journal. I, of course, don’t like digging deep, why? Because I’m scared of what I’m going to find and it is hard.

I needed the community of fellow moms experiencing the same experience I am experiencing to chat and ask questions and encourage one another.

As of today, my priorities have shifted. My days are now filled with things to do rather than time wasters. I now look at my day and ask myself. What 3 priorities will add value to my life and making sure at least 1 of them have to do with SELF-CARE. Thanks to Holly’s Daily Journey Journal I finally realized how much journaling has played in improving me and how I run the day and how I show up! I know I am better because I can see my accomplishments because I write them down.  Journaling has kept me on track during the week and it helps remind me of What’s Important Now!

Most importantly, I have learned to believe in myself again. Thank you Holly for helping me to open my eyes and realize my potential.

– Sandy Zoellner

gold-quotesI am so grateful to have stumbled on your site last summer and even more so that took the leap and joined the club. Losing pounds and inches has been wonderful but I thank you most for the change in how I feel… or maybe it’s how I no longer feel…  like an unhealthy, disheveled stressed out mess. I found myself struggling for  2+ years after my son was born. I never thought I’d be “that mom.” After finding YOU and the Club

-I don’t want to cry every time I look in the mirror. In fact, I smile.

-I wore a bikini this summer and felt comfortable in my own skin

-I work out with a 50 lb KB every week

-I enjoy getting dressed up

-I take 15 minutes a day JUST for me because I matter

-I make new friends 🙂

Thank you for urging me to put myself first. What an incredible difference it has made for me and my family.

– Danielle Carlson


I felt a weight lifted off my shoulders when Holly first talked about goals setting…. How goals are demotivating!  I have never thought of that, but it is so true!  What a freedom to think of starting a challenge that will not be about body fat loss to me!  I am truly focusing on mindset.  I will think of how I am nourishing my mind, body & soul with the food I eat, the workouts I do, the time I spend with others and the thoughts I think in my head.  Is it nourishing me in a positive, uplifting way?  This is what I will continually ask myself.

This challenge is going to beautiful for me!  I will learn to let go of the ‘have to’ mentality and truly live stress-free when it comes to my body shaping goals!

Thanks Holly for constantly saying what we need to hear and showing us how you are on this journey too!  As the quote says… “It’s not about perfect, it’s about effort. When you bring that effort everyday that’s where transformation happens.”

– Kari Colchin