3011, 2016

5 minutes of insane courage [burpee proof video]

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I'd like to share how I spent a portion of my Mother's Day weekend. This involved having 5 minutes of insane courage. Why? It was a Burpee Challenge for Charity to help raise awareness and support for JDRF hosted by my dear friend Pamela MacElree who has had T1D for 26 years all while leading a healthy life despite the daily struggles she faces. Plus this was my very first trip to Philly [...]

2311, 2016

2 Amazingly Powerful Words….so, how are you using them?

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What are these two words? I Am. Simple right? Sure - but it's actually what FOLLOWS these two words...or rather,  what you choose to put after them completely shapes your reality. I've enjoyed reading through dozens of 'I am' statements after posting this question on Facebook today. Question: What is your current reality? Do you need to take a moment to re-write your 'I Am'?   How can you take this statement, re-write [...]